Unipart Outsourced Business Services

Warehouse Facilities

Being situated at the UK headquarters of the Unipart Group, the Unipart House Business Centre offers access to full service multi-client, multi-channel warehousing facilities, including receiving, storage kitting, despatch and returns for B2B and B2C operations.

Business Centre tenants can benefit from a flexible approach to storage and the ability to share labour costs. Mechanical Handling equipment is available on site and freight management capability already in place.

The site operates 24 x 7, providing both internal and external storage options with high levels of security. The site is accredited to ISO 14001 Environment Management Standards and ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems. Since 2010, the Cowley distribution centre has been capable of ensuring that 0% of its waste goes to landĀ­fill and the site has its own waste management compound.

Financial Services

From offices within Unipart House, the Unipart Group of Companies operates a Financial Shared Services function capable of providing the following services to Business Centre tenants:

  • Accounts payable - providing invoice processing and query management services.
  • Accounts receivable - providing invoice raising and debt collection services.
  • Reconciliation services - from bank reconciliations to supplier reconciliations.

IT Support Services

Via the Unipart Group IT services organisation and contracted third parties, the Unipart House Business Centre can provide tenants with a number of IT Services and Solutions support. These include:

  • IT Setup Services: Infrastructure and Network (LAN, WAN, Wireless) setup for the office environment.
  • Desktop Services: PC, printer and other device support, from our PC support teams based in the various Unipart locations. This will be a combination of remote support and resolution to desk side visits.
  • Networks: Leveraging the existing Unipart network, WAN, Internet etc.
  • Server Management and Hosting: support and maintenance of any server estate required to be managed in the Unipart Data Centre in Cowley or other sites on a 24*7 basis.
  • Other Infrastructure Services: including Disk Storage, Backup, Citrix access solutions are all options Service Desk: 24*7 Service / Help Desk to support all of the services listed above
  • IT Procurement Services: where appropriate and beneficial, the Unipart Group can offer tenants the opportunity to leverage The Unipart Group IT buying power from its main suppliers of PCs, Servers, Network devices, cabling, printers, and all IT consumables.
  • Application Support and Development: The Unipart Group can also provide a range of applications support and development in our established centres of excellence across the Unipart Group, including ERP solutions, 3rd Party applications and in-house web developments.

Group Procurement

Unipart House Business Centre tenants can access the full range of procurement expertise within the Unipart Group. This may take the form of:

  • Bespoke consultative support to develop procurement best practice for your organisation
  • The opportunity to access market leading supplier deals on a wide range of services
  • Expert procurement advice on an ad-hoc basis.
Large or Small you get it all...

No matter what size office space you are looking for, you can access all of Unipart House Business Centre's facilities including: